Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes

October is here and it is time to harvest the sweet potatoes.  This was the first time we’ve grown these,  so we didn’t know what to expect.  I had dug up a few, a couple of weeks ago, to see how they were doing.  Those were a little small so I was worried that they would all be small, but we were pleasantly surprised yesterday when we unearthed them.  We dug up 66 sweet spuds totaling 24lbs, 1oz and averaging 5.4oz per potato.  To celebrate I microwaved a couple that I had damaged while digging and they tasted great.  Terrie made pancakes . . . → Read More: Sweet Potatoes

Putting up Peppers

Pepper harvest

Last year our peppers didn’t yield as much as we’re used to, so we were sooo happy when our anaheims, jalapenos and cayennes went crazy this summer.  That means it’s going to be a spicy year here at the Barrow house.  We pickle the jalapenos, string-up and dry the cayennes, and roast our anaheims.


You must be very careful when handling peppers.  Even after scrubbing your hands it can be dangerously painful if you accidentally touch sensitive areas or rub your eyes.  It would probably be a good idea to wear gloves.

Stringing Cayennes

Stringing up the cayennes is easy.  Using scissors I split . . . → Read More: Putting up Peppers

Yes, we’re still here!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  Our computer was down, it’s summer…so there’s lots of work in the garden, we were trying to get ready to go on vacation to Washington, D.C. for a week, and then we went and had a great time.  But we are back and will try to catch up on our blogging.

We will have a long list of things we harvested over the last month, a couple of EPIC fails to tell you about, and some cool pictures of the Smithsonian’s Victory Garden.  It’s master gardener was gracious enough to give us a tour and trade . . . → Read More: Yes, we’re still here!

We Love Garlic

Garlic Harvest 2011

Yes, we love garlic so this year we decided to grow a little. We bought cloves from a local farmer at the Nashville farmers market, split them up and got them in the ground in November of last year. . . . → Read More: We Love Garlic

Terrie Featured in a Vanderbilt Publication

Terrie was featured in an article in a Vanderbilt publication for June.  We are very proud of her.  Just click on the pic to take you to the article. Or click HERE


. . . → Read More: Terrie Featured in a Vanderbilt Publication

Square Foot Planting Templates


Last week I was faced with planting 512 carrots and wasn’t looking forward to poking 500+ holes in the soil using the method I’ve used for 17 years. So I built a template that marks out a square foot and punches 16 holes just the right size exactly where I need to plant. With carrots that can save quite a bit of time and only took me 20 minutes to build. . . . → Read More: Square Foot Planting Templates

Before and After


The last few days I’ve been frantically working to get the garden reconfigured the way that I have been planning for two years. The hard part is finding the time to do it while the weather cooperates. . . . → Read More: Before and After

2011 Garden “The Plan”

For me this is the most creative part of growing a garden yet can be one of the most intimidating. This is the artist staring at a blank canvas. You have some of your colors and brushes picked out, but you need to just pick out one of those brushes, get some paint on it and take your first stroke. . . . → Read More: 2011 Garden “The Plan”

Out With The Old and In With The New


Well we’ve looked over what we managed to push out of the ground (click here to see totals) and the general consensus is as follows.

The Greenhouse:

More fish – we grew 60 and I think we are going to try for 100.
More Tomatoes – An overwhelming amount of the tomatoes were smaller varieties and we need more large paste tomatoes.
Peppers were about right. We do need more jalapenos
More Cabbage – We use these in several dishes and could use a few more.
More Summer Squash – We love yellow summer squash and with more fish we should be able to have a higher . . . → Read More: Out With The Old and In With The New

End of the year 2010

For us the end of the year is a time of reflection and planning.  We look back on the year and take pride in our accomplishments, contemplate the lessons of our disappointments, laugh at our foolishness and set our sites on the coming year.  What will we do differently, how much more or less of a certain food do we need to grow.  Should we move this over there or rearrange that.  The first step in this process is to add up what we harvested this year.

From the greenhouse which has a 275 Gal. water tank and 14 3’x2′ grow beds . . . → Read More: End of the year 2010