Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver

We have a guest blog featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution site.

Check it out at:

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DC Trip Gardens

White House

For years we’ve been wanting to visit the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC and this summer we finally got the chance. Though seeing all of these amazing collections was incredible, there were a few extra finds that were wonderful surprises. Our favorite find was the Victory and Hierloom gardens around the Museum of American History. . . . → Read More: DC Trip Gardens

More Storm Damage

Greenhouse storm front1

Since I finished the greenhouse I have been tying to figure out how to take pictures of the inside that show the whole inside and couldn’t come up with a good way to do this.  Last night Mother Nature decided to give me a hand.  Also, last week we had a small hole poked into the top that I no longer need to patch.  I would like to thank those involved in helping me out, but unfortunately they left the place in a bit of a mess and will require more work to undo.  We lost the brussel sprout that I . . . → Read More: More Storm Damage

Weekly Farm Report 3.6.11

Piles of Sliced ham

The Nashville Lawn and Garden show was on our calender so we went to visit the Gardens of Babylon booth who were supporting suburban farms consisting of aquaponic systems and chickens. . . . → Read More: Weekly Farm Report 3.6.11

Before and After


The last few days I’ve been frantically working to get the garden reconfigured the way that I have been planning for two years. The hard part is finding the time to do it while the weather cooperates. . . . → Read More: Before and After

Big Egg

Big Egg

We have one chicken named Millie. She is our smallest yet she lays our largest eggs. The egg on the right is a normal sized egg. The one in the middle is one of her usually large eggs. The egg she laid today makes my butt hurt just thinking about it.

So I had to add something to make all of her hard work worth more than just an egg.

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Pig Day 2011

Pigs hanging out

We’ve been processing our own chickens for a while, but had never tackled anything this big before. It was terrifying, fun, incredibly hard work…and we still haven’t finished it all! But I think it was well worth it and encourage any of you to try it. . . . → Read More: Pig Day 2011

Back To Normal?

Big Brandywine

I recently heard someone say they were ready to get “back to normal” after a few weeks of the kids being out of school for snow days . What does that mean? . . . → Read More: Back To Normal?

Order Up

In an article in the Nashville Business Journal today Eric Snyder reported on the effects that higher food prices are having on local restaurants. Since 2007 food prices have been fluctuating, but at the end of 2010 food prices started climbing and are not expected slow down any time soon. . . . → Read More: Order Up

Closer To The Earth

Morning Glory 2

As I celebrate the passage of time by drinking a toast to the end of 2010 and the arrival of 2011, I am reminded where our small urban farm and family were this time last year. How much we have all grown and learned. The great food that we have shared and the new friends that we have made. . . . → Read More: Closer To The Earth