Weekly Farm Report 1.30.11

Chickens eating snow.  Who knew?  Yea we started the week with snow and wound up with 69 deg. on Saturday and Sunday.  It felt so good to go outside with a short sleeve shirt on after so many consecutive weeks of abnormally frigid temperatures.  I surveyed the compost pile and the chicken tractor.  The tractor was fine, but the compost pile was too wet so I dug a hole in the middle to increase the surface area for evaporation.  I uncovered the raised beds in the vegetable garden to find out most everything was perfectly fine, but some of the arugula had frozen at some point.  I noticed that a squirrel had overcome it’s fear of chickens to make its way into the garden and dig in one of the beds that I left fallow for winter.  Concerned that they had buried a few black walnuts from one of our many trees, I started digging around in the bed.  Out of habit I pulled up a few weeds.  Then a few more weeds and just couldn’t stop myself. The soil felt so warm crumbling through my fingers.  Before I knew it  had the entire bed weed free.  Picking up a big handful of soil it smelled so earthy and natural.  Just the way it should.

Millie layed an elastic egg yesterday.  I’ve never seen an egg that was whole with such a thin shell.  It felt like a soft-shell crab.  Terrie called it a creepy egg.  I think that is only because I didn’t get a chance to tell her before she touched it and she was sort of “freaked out”

Terrie used the cabbage this weekend to make Cassoulet and we used the spinach, lettuce, and spinach for lunch salads. We are trying to clear out space in our freezer so I juiced 2 bags of pears that we had put up a few months ago.

Well good night everybody


  • 2oz – Assorted lettuce
  • 1 – Cabbage Head

Outside beds:

  • 1 oz – Arugula
  • 1oz – Spinach

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