We have two gardens and a greenhouse.  One is our herb garden that stretch across the entire front of our house and around the side of our side porch.  We mainly have perennials planted there, but we do plant a few annual herbs and a few red and gold cherry tomatoes.  We grow all bulk vegetables in raised beds in our second garden which we use a combination of square foot and french intensive techniques to grow the most vegetation in the smallest amount of space with the least amount of effort.  A greenhouse to the north of the vegetable garden is where we grow other annual vegetables using an aquaponics system that uses edible fish to provide nutrients for the plants.  Plants that we grow in the 14 half barrel beds are those that we only need a few at a time.  Using succession planting we can have a constant supply of many of these vegetables all year round.  The greenhouse is also used to start seedling for transplant in the other gardens as well as some container plants protection during the winter.  Please feel free to browse other sections under this tab for more details on our gardens.

Online seed catalogs


  • Planting Schedule-Excel spreadsheet that you can enter your first and last frost dates and it will automatically calculate planting dates for spring, summer and fall gardens.
  • Fall Planning Sheet-Excel spreadsheet to help planning fall gardens.  Includes scheduling, spacing, placement and difficulty information on most popular fall crops.

Gardening Software

  • Garden Planner-A free trial of planning and layout software from  It is what we use to plan our garden.  It uses a graphical interface to quickly and easily realize your vision of the ultimate garden.  Packed with information on most of the common vegetables you need to know about.
  • software used to plan a garden.  Tools help with layout, tracking harvest and a maintenance log.  Very easy to use.   had my beds laid out and entering plants within 5 minutes and within an hour I was done.