Closer to the Earth (A Measure of Time)

At this time every year I am reminded how much my view of life has changed since we started this alternative lifestyle of growing most of our food and becoming more self sufficient.  The winding down of one year.  Passing the ultimate marker of time when a number measuring 365 days becomes obsolete forever.  2011 has clicked over to 2012 and then the days start ticking off again.  My increased dedication to pushing food out of the ground over the past four years has had an amazing unforeseen effect on my awareness of the cycles of life and time.  The passing of seasons, months, weeks and even the amount of time it takes the sun to crawl across the sky each day.  Start seeds, transplant, water, fertilize, harvest and repeat.  These time markers used to come and go, over and over, with my only thought being how I need to dress or do I need to cover the vegetable garden?  

Lately I have a deeper understanding of how I am linked to the cycles that have been rotating through time for millions of years and how strongly we are attached.  Our society has fought to rip our ties to these cycles to the point that they seem more like watching a reality tv show rather than the reality that they are.  Central air conditioning, refrigeration, grocery stores selling out of season.  All of these things had desencitized me to what was actually going on around me and how they truly impacted my life.  The struggle “against” nature, fighting “the ultimate man” or mother, is a battle to homoginize each day so that they all seem more the same.  It is a battle that we can not win.  The forces that tie the Earth and all of the planets in their celestial dance with the sun is beyond our control.   There is no thermostat for that.  Though we may rub lotions on our skin or get surgeons to tuck this or that, it is only a superficial action to make time appear to be moving slower for us.  Make time behave the way we want it to.  But we can not bend the nature of time.  They are only illusions that artificially allowed me to deny my direct connection, my real relationship to my true home.  Our true home. 

The peaking behind this veil of modern civilization has allowed me to see what I have been denying all these years and the effects of a way of life on this global home of ours.  I am not saying that I am going to completely turn off my heater in the dead of winter, but I have stopped trying to make it feel like summer and put on warmer clothes.  Utilizing the heat that I “naturally” generate to keep me warm.  Because I am now  more conscious of the angle of the sun in all seasons, I know that on a cold sunny day I can open up the shades wide on the south side of the house and let the sun shine on our hardwood floors, almost to the far wall, making heat.  We rely more on waste wood in our fireplace to take the bite out of the air when we gather in our living room after the sun goes down on those long January nights.  Our cats, as simple minded as they are, know the benefits of laying in the sun or in front of the fire and you will find them there most of the time.  

It is common sense that a strong current can make swimming upstream very tedious and something that can only be temporarily sustained.  As far as the nature of time goes, I have miserably been swimming upstream my whole life.  Fighting the current as we were all taught.  I have learned lately to throw in the inner tube, hop on with a beverage and just have a blast floating downstream.  The difference between struggling miserably and happy sailing was only a matter of changing my mind about where I want to go and this has brought me just a little closer to the Earth.

2 comments to Closer to the Earth (A Measure of Time)

  • bev

    Beautifully written….my sentiments exactly….this is an awesome temporary home we have had the opportunity to experience….I am so grieved by what too many of us are doing to her and the other creatures with which we share the handiwork of the Almighty…..

  • Richard

    Thanks so much bev. Hopefully the way we view the life boat that has been provided for us has begun. There will always be those that will not see the gift we have been given, but I look forward to doing what I can.

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