Farm Report 6.12.11

bees at home

Terrie’s in the kitchen wrapping up our weekend work making homemade pizza.  She makes three different pizzas.  One for me and her (this week it is topped with leftover sauteed collard greens from last nights dinner, homemade bacon, and cheese), one for Ethan (bacon and cheese) and one for Noah who loves cheese so much that it’s all he wants.  None of them have tomato sauce and that’s how we roll.

It was a really busy weekend, as they all seem to be at the moment.  We keep thinking life will eventually slow down enough for a lazy day here and there, . . . → Read More: Farm Report 6.12.11

Farm Report 5.28.11


This weekend we managed to get a bit done and also have time to relax. Our first priority was getting a cover back on the greenhouse. We really got away with little damage considering the top was blown off and we got pea sized hail. Our squash and cabbage, as well as the collards and beans outside, had several small holes in each leaf, but only a couple of plants had stem damage.

Chickens were next on the list. We harvested six more of our Heritage White meat chickens. Noah reported that we managed 32 pounds, not including necks and feet which . . . → Read More: Farm Report 5.28.11

Weekly Farm Report 3.6.11

Piles of Sliced ham

The Nashville Lawn and Garden show was on our calender so we went to visit the Gardens of Babylon booth who were supporting suburban farms consisting of aquaponic systems and chickens. . . . → Read More: Weekly Farm Report 3.6.11

2011 Garden “The Plan”

For me this is the most creative part of growing a garden yet can be one of the most intimidating. This is the artist staring at a blank canvas. You have some of your colors and brushes picked out, but you need to just pick out one of those brushes, get some paint on it and take your first stroke. . . . → Read More: 2011 Garden “The Plan”

End of the year 2010

For us the end of the year is a time of reflection and planning.  We look back on the year and take pride in our accomplishments, contemplate the lessons of our disappointments, laugh at our foolishness and set our sites on the coming year.  What will we do differently, how much more or less of a certain food do we need to grow.  Should we move this over there or rearrange that.  The first step in this process is to add up what we harvested this year.

From the greenhouse which has a 275 Gal. water tank and 14 3’x2′ grow beds . . . → Read More: End of the year 2010

Chickens Being Chickens

temp fence coop

We decided to add chickens to our Urban Farm for the eggs alone, but since we got them we have discovered many other benefits to having them around. We were expecting to get poop for the compost pile, but they have done much more. One of the more direct ways that they can be of assistance is by cleaning up garden beds. . . . → Read More: Chickens Being Chickens