Pig-palooza 2012 – Day 3


Day 3 – Curing and prepping for sausage making.

Bacon after smoking

I was on my own this day because Richard had to work, so after taking Noah to school I got busy.

The book I’ve been using the past couple of years for all my curing and sausage making is Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.  It’s a great book…clear and easy to follow.

I started with the bacon, because it’s so simple.  I took out my belly portions and my jowls, coated them with a dry cure, and sealed them up in 2 gallon . . . → Read More: Pig-palooza 2012 – Day 3

Pig Day 2011, Part 2

Bacon Pile 2

First of all, I should have named it “Pig WEEKS 2011″!  It took us around 2 weeks to get everything done.  Maybe I’ll go British next time and call it “Pig Fortnight 2011″.  We learned a lot and have been eating VERY well.  All in all, we’ll do it again.  Next time we will be more prepared and know what to expect.

As best I can figure, here are our final totals:

4 Large hams, 15-20 pounds each, we ate part of one, and then sliced the rest of it, plus the other large one into lunch meat.  The 2 smaller ones are . . . → Read More: Pig Day 2011, Part 2

Weekly Farm Report 3.6.11

Piles of Sliced ham

The Nashville Lawn and Garden show was on our calender so we went to visit the Gardens of Babylon booth who were supporting suburban farms consisting of aquaponic systems and chickens. . . . → Read More: Weekly Farm Report 3.6.11

Pig Day 2011

Pigs hanging out

We’ve been processing our own chickens for a while, but had never tackled anything this big before. It was terrifying, fun, incredibly hard work…and we still haven’t finished it all! But I think it was well worth it and encourage any of you to try it. . . . → Read More: Pig Day 2011