Closer to the Earth (A Measure of Time)

These time markers used to come and go over and over with my only thought being how I need to dress or do I need to cover the vegetable garden. Lately I have a deeper understanding of how I am linked to the cycles that have been rotating through time for millions of years and how strongly we are attached. . . . → Read More: Closer to the Earth (A Measure of Time)

Back To Normal?

Big Brandywine

I recently heard someone say they were ready to get “back to normal” after a few weeks of the kids being out of school for snow days . What does that mean? . . . → Read More: Back To Normal?

Closer To The Earth

Morning Glory 2

As I celebrate the passage of time by drinking a toast to the end of 2010 and the arrival of 2011, I am reminded where our small urban farm and family were this time last year. How much we have all grown and learned. The great food that we have shared and the new friends that we have made. . . . → Read More: Closer To The Earth

A Reluctant Chicken Chaser

Millie & Chickens E

Some of my earliest memories are of chickens.  Watching hens flap around as they hopped up on their roost.  The smell of a freshly opened bag of feed.  The sound of grit being poured in a mason jar.  They are also some of the happiest memories I collected as I followed my Great Grandfather, Konkey, around his small chicken yard when I was 5 years old.  Konkey and my Great Grandmother, Mim, lived on the slow curve of the loop that carried you out of the small town where I grew up in southeast Texas called Mont Belvieu .  They moved . . . → Read More: A Reluctant Chicken Chaser

Customizing Life: Home Made Mayo

Homemade Mayo

Today if you buy your mayo from the grocery store you have quite a few more, but why settle for that when you can make exactly what you want. This is extremely easy, takes about 5 minutes, and this is how we do make it. . . . → Read More: Customizing Life: Home Made Mayo

September Recalls

Here is a list of recalls so far for the month of September.  More eggs of coarse.  Notice how many of these recalls are by companies with “Corporation” and “Inc.” at the end of the name.  I will try to keep this updated for each month.  To me this is like watching the DOW industrial average to see the health of the economy.

Here is a video I found from

September 14, 2010 – Kilosports Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Clomed12
September 08, 2010 – Recall of Fluid Milk Products out of Midland Farms, Inc.12
September 03, 2010 – Real Taste Noodle Manufacture Recalls . . . → Read More: September Recalls

Chickens Being Chickens

temp fence coop

We decided to add chickens to our Urban Farm for the eggs alone, but since we got them we have discovered many other benefits to having them around. We were expecting to get poop for the compost pile, but they have done much more. One of the more direct ways that they can be of assistance is by cleaning up garden beds. . . . → Read More: Chickens Being Chickens